Glucosamine 750mg

contains glucosamine that is vital in building cartilage and connective tissue in the joints.

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What is Glucosamine 750mg?

What is Glucosamine 750mg?

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that the body naturally produces and distributes in cartilage and other connective tissue to stimulate cartilage building.

Glucosamine 750mg provides glucosamine in the form of glucosamine sulfate potassium chloride, which has the absorption of approximately 90%.
How does Glucosamine 750mg help in maintaining joint health?

How does Glucosamine 750mg help in maintaining joint health?

  • Glucosamine plays a key role in building joint cartilage i.e. the tough connective tissue that cushions the end of joint bones.
  • Glucosamine is important in mucopolysaccharides production, which are the essential building blocks of joints, including tendons, cartilage, and synovial fluid1. This helps to improve and maintain the joint cartilage layer.
Who are recommended to take Glucosamine 750mg?
  • Those who wish to maintain joint health
  • Those who are experiencing osteoarthritis symptoms such as:

– Discomfort when using joints (eg: bending knees, walking up the stairs)
– Occasional joint stiffness or pain
– Frequent joint cracking sound

What is the recommended dosage?
  • 1 tablet 2 times daily


Glucosamine sulfate 2KCl 1000mg
      Providing glucosamine sulfate 750mg


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