Flexigen Powder

scientifically tested 10,000mg Hydrolysate Collagen for joint health.

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What is Flexigen?

What is Flexigen?

  • Flexigen contains a special composition of collagen (hydrolysate collagen), known as Fortigel® technology.
  • Flexigen provides a scientifically tested of 10,000mg Hydrolysate Collagen for healthy joints.
How does Flexigen helps in joints health?

How does Flexigen helps in joints health?

  • Hydrolysate collagen helps in supporting healthy joints.
  • With Fortigel® technology.
Who are recommended to take Flexigen?
  • Individual who wish to maintain joint health


What is the recommended dosage?
  • Adult: Take ONE sachet daily with or without meal, mixed into approximately 250ml of water


Hydrolysate Collagen (Fortigel®) 10,000mg

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