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Every stage of life

All stage of life is important and need different demands. Since each stage of life has its own unique gift, lets explore what do we need to do that can help to support our stage of life.


Clinically tested herbals

For generations, families have trusted medicinal plants to prevent and treat illnesses and diseases. The study of plants for its natural healing properties has its roots in every culture around the world, with herbal medicines commonly found in our households.

Now, backed by science and clinical evidence for their safety and efficacy, Mega Life sciences and BiO-LiFE are introducing their own range of herbal medicinal products inspired from Western, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese herbalism.

Made with active ingredients from superior raw materials, Herbalmeds is here to help people, and the future generations stay healthy as long as they live.

Our philosophy

To provide clinically proven herbal remedies to help people stay healthy as long as they live.

Our Products

Find the product you need according to your concern

Health tips

How to Safely Purchase Vitamin C?
How to Safely Purchase Vitamin C?

In Malaysia, Vitamin C is one of the most commonly consumed supplements alongside with multivitamins and minerals. With the rise of its…..


Talk to our expert

Looking for health-nutritional related advice?

BiO-LiFe offers a range of nutritional and wellness support services to provide for everyone. BiO-LiFE’s FREE Nutritional Consultation Service can be accessed via phone or detailed email response to your query.

What they said about us

Judy Chok
58 years old
Batu Pahat, Johor
KKLIU 1586/2021

“I started taking BiO-LiFE Q10-Guard Plus after constantly feeling lethargic by noon and consuming this supplement daily helps in sustaining the energy for me to perform my daily activities and keep me going throughout the day.”

Nik nor Izyanty Che Mazlan
37 years old
Wangsa Maju, KL
KKLIU 1586/2021

“More energy, feel fresh all day long.”

37 years old
KKLIU 0935/2019

“The vanilla taste was so nice to drink. Easy to prepare too. Improve my bowel movement. After a week of consuming, there is no more constipation problem like usual.”

42 years old
KKLIU 2857/2020

“Pertama kali mencuba Alerten Q100 saya rasa bertenaga dan cergas sepanjang hari. Saya sangat gembira tidak seperti dahulu saya selalu keletihan dan tidak bermaya. Terima kasih Alerten Q100 dan home tester club Malaysia.”

Angel Tan
29 years old
KKLIU 2170/2020

“It works, it definitely helps to improve my health a lot… will definitely recommended to all my girls friends out.”

43 years old
Bandar Seri Jempol
KKLIU 2422/2020

“Mata saya tidak lg terasa letih apabila melihat skrin telefon & komputer selepas sy mencuba bilberry & Eyebright Complex.”

Ms. T
60 years old
KKLIU 1261/2021

“Hot flashes would appear even after bath which make me feel very uncomfortable. However, after consuming Femosa, my hot flashes symptom improved. The part I most satisfied for Femosa consumption would be it improved my sleeping quality so much. After consuming femosa every night, I could sleep so well. ”

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