Total prizes worth more than

RM30,000 to be won!

Contest period: 15 Apr - 15 July 2021


Take a simple challenge to test if you have STRONG BONES & JOINTS1,2!

If you find yourself losing balance while doing this challenge, it could be due to degenerative joint changes in the spine and lower limbs which reduce reflexes and cause muscle weakness. By practicing OLS daily, it can further strengthen & toughen our muscles, subsequently enhancing our body’s coordination functionality and physical balance.

Try it out by simply standing on one leg for 2 minutes while brushing your teeth! This activity is suitable across all ages. The more you do it, you will find that you have an added advantage of avoiding falls which can often lead to injuries or even worse —death!

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Conquer the OLS Hall of Fame
and stand a chance to win our Grand Prize!

All bi-weekly prize winners will enter a Grand Finale, where one participant can stand a chance to bring home the Grand Prize!


Prizes are a combination of BiO-LiFE products & other attractive gifts. Subject to change. T&Cs apply. Images shown are for illustration purpose only.

Do the OLS Challenge

Record yourself standing on one leg for as long as you can

Place arms across chest with hands touching shoulders OR spread your arms widely

Legs should not
touch each other

Look straight ahead with eyes open and focus on an object about 1m in front of you

Post the video

Post the video on any of these platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok) and make the post public.

Tag us

Facebook: @biolifemarketing #biolifemy #olschallenge, IG/TikTok: @biolifemy #biolifemy #olschallenge


Meet our participants who took up the OLS Challenge and emerged victorious with the longest standing time on one leg!

Bi-Weekly Prize Winners

Round 1 (15-28 Apr 2021)

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Round 2 (29 Apr - 12 May 2021)

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Round 3 (13 - 26 May 2021)

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Challenger Entries


Facebook and Tiktok

1. Riemann BL, Myers JB, Lephart SM. Comparison of the ankle, knee, hip, and trunk corrective action shown during single-leg stance on firm, foam, and multiaxial surfaces. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2003;84:90–95.
2. Choi YM Dobson F Martin J Bennell KL Hinman RS. Interrater and intrarater reliability of common clinical standing balance tests for people with hip osteoarthritis. Phys Ther. 2014;94(5):696-704.
3. Clark MS. The Unilateral Forefoot Balance Test: Reliability and validity for measuring balance in late midlife women. J Physiother. 2007;35(3):110–118

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