New Year Resolution: Together We Care for Your Wellness

New Year Resolution: Together We Care for Your Wellness 

4 January, 2024

We usher in the new year filled with fresh plans and aspirations, and the celebration becomes more meaningful with family and friends, especially for those separated by distance. Besides longing for great luck and prosperity, you should not forget to include health in the New Year resolution list. This year, let’s bring home wishes of “Great Health” for ourselves and our loved ones.

New Year gift theme: Vitality, Robust
Encountering the challenges in your busy life requires a solid foundation of good health. Elevate your well-being year with the Essential Nutrients Pack – an immediate solution to replenish your daily vitamin and mineral demands, essential for supporting overall health.

  • A comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals focusing on your daily nutrient needs from head to toe

New Year gift theme: Well protected, Unbeatable
Confront challenges of the new year with the Immune Booster pack. While vitamin C is an essential immune nutrient, the human body cannot self-produce it, thus regular daily intake becomes necessary. Beyond shielding you from colds and flu, vitamin C can do more:

  • Powerful antioxidant – combat daily damage caused by free radicals
  • Promote better wound healing – helps with collagen formation in cell recovery and renewal
  • Facilitates iron absorption – the perfect pair to maximize your iron absorption, especially crucial for vegetarians with lower absorption rate from plant-based iron

  • The correct dose establishes a stronger you, less jeopardized during house visits for festive gatherings
  • Fulfil your daily needs with the sustained release of BiO-LiFE Non-Acidic C, and gentle to your stomach
  • Enjoy enhanced natural antioxidant protection with the 6-in-1 combination formula of BiO-LiFE Nat C

New Year gift theme: Radiant, Beaming New Year
Celebrate the new year by uplifting your radiance with zinc, a vital mineral for hair, nails, and skin. Zinc accelerates the healing and repair process by aiding collagen formation in the skin. Zinc also strengthens the keratin in hair and nails. Additionally, it plays a significant role in cellular metabolism and immune function.

  • Adequate zinc combined with vitamin C for a radiant you!

Strength, Energetic – B Complex
Concern about tiredness during the new year house visits and festive gatherings? The Vitamin B family is here to support you by harnessing energy from food, preserving your strength throughout the day, and keeping you alert and sharp.

  • The time-released formulation sustains your energy level throughout the day

Complete, All-inclusive – Spirulina
Achieve a balanced nutrient intake while enjoying the festive feasts. Counterbalance the sugary and fatty nature of festive foods with spirulina, a blue-green algae. Besides providing overall balanced nutrients, it also gives the natural antioxidants for lesser cell damage caused by free radicals resulting from an imbalanced diet and irregular, insufficient resting due to late-night celebrations.

  • Each capsule is packed with the complete 9 essential amino acids, GLA (essential fatty acids), vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants, supporting your daily health.

Begin your new year by warding off the unfavourable and harmful, embracing the great fortune of health!