Colostrum As Immune Support

Colostrum As Immune Support

15 Feb, 2023

Where can infants and children get most of their immune support? It can be from colostrum, a powerful liquid-gold ingredient for better growth and stronger immunity!


Cow colostrum is typically used to make supplements known as bovine colostrum. Moreover, it can be acquired in large quantities and is almost identical to human colostrum. Therefore, colostrum supplements are usually favored for young children’s consumption, as they no longer get colostrum from dietary intake but still require nutrients for building better immunity. 

Benefits of colostrum 

Most of the colostrum’s alleged health advantages are highly connected to certain protein components:

How does colostrum help to boost immunity?

For children aged two years and above, their immune system is still developing, making them more vulnerable when exposed to a public setting. Hence, children are more prone to multiple infections such as flu and gut problems. Consuming colostrum helps build their immune defense, shielding them from frequent sickness. With this, parents can now relax and let their children learn and explore without feeling overly concerned.

Kid’s Colostrum Range

BiO-LiFE carries a range of colostrum products specifically targeted for children, physically active, prone to infections, and those attending nursery or daycare centers.


Now we can see that colostrum is so powerful in giving health benefits to children, so what are you waiting for? Discover more about Kid’s Colostrum Range

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