Beyond Wear & Tear: Empowering Joint Health and Conquering Osteoarthritis

Beyond Wear & Tear: Empowering Joint Health and Conquering Osteoarthritis  

August 7, 2023

Having a healthy joint is a luxury dream for those suffering from osteoarthritis. All they ever wanted was to have the healthy joints back, but unfortunately, osteoarthritis usually develops slowly and gets worse over time. It could lead to permanent joint damage if left untreated.  

Osteoarthritis is not life-threatening, but your quality of life will be affected, making your life difficult and the need to depend on others to take care of you. Osteoarthritis impacts differently depending on the stages, often resulting in chronic pain.  Because of the pain felt, it would affect one physically and mentally: 

If you are the breadwinner in the family, having difficulties working because of joint problems could affect the living for your whole family. Some occupational exposure to a higher risk of osteoarthritis, especially those physically demanding job that involves: 

Take action to protect your joints so that you can enjoy your life the way you want to. Flexsa 1500 – it is high strength glucosamine to serve as adjunctive therapy for osteoarthritis. Each sachet of Flexsa 1500 contains 1500mg sodium-free crystalline glucosamine sulfate in a powder form with an orange flavor for faster action toward osteoarthritis. It is essential to stimulate cartilage building in the joints by serving as building blocks of the cartilage matrix, which helps to improve and maintain the joint cartilage layer. With sodium-free formulation and comes in sachet form, it is suitable for high blood pressure patients and convenient to bring around while you are away from home.