What to do during the movement control period

What to do during the movement control period

Mar 20, 2020


Movement control not just helps to slow the spread of virus; it also reduces your chance of getting the infection.

You will find it easier to cope with if you are prepared. Here are some of the suggestions:

1. Stay active

Do stretches or simple yoga at home

2. Develop a new habit

Don’t rely too heavily on television and technology. Do something that you have long-time planned but never usually have time for, such as board games, reading, etc.

3. Housekeeping

Perhaps now is a good time to do some spring cleaning and rearrange your wardrobe

4. Take care of yourself

Eat well, get enough rest and stay active. Don’t sit for the whole day.

5. Spend time with your loved ones

Play a game with your partner or children. And for family members that you can’t see in person, try to video-call them!

Stay Calm, Stay Healthy.

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