Refresh, Reset and Restart Another School Year

Refresh, Reset and Restart Another School Year

Nov 19, 2021


Nowadays, we are slowly seeing an increasing number of children returning to school. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted children’s education. Many children have fallen behind in their studies and experience a lack of interaction with friends that help to develop crucial social skills. Schools reopening will allow children to learn, connect and play with their friends again. However, with the reopening of schools, many children will need extra support to catch up on their learning. Therefore, parents need to help their children through this transition. Follow these tips to ease their journey back to school:

1. Practice good hygiene habits

Teach your children to establish some important habits such as handwashing, wearing a mask, and physical distancing.

2. Watch out for signs of stress

Parents should look out for signs of stress as children may have difficulty concentrating or may need longer time to get back into the routine of learning in the classroom.

3. Establish a good sleeping habit

Make sure your children get enough sleep since it is important for your child’s mental health and wellbeing, as well as their development.

4. Show your children you love them

Children perform best once they feel loved by their parents, which happens when you spend quality time and listen to them, also validate their feelings.

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Heading back to school can also mean a higher chance to get exposed to germs and illness. Thus, it’s important for children to have a healthy body to ensure they enjoy the learning process at school to the fullest. Get Kids Gummies Multivitamins + Minerals to provide essential nutrients needed for children’s general well-being. It contains 8 essential vitamins & 2 minerals with 3 yummy flavours!

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Also, don’t forget about DHA and EPA. Omega-3 fatty acids can help to enhance your children’s attention in class, vocabulary testing, listening comprehension, and reading skills at school. As a result, it is recommended that children take essential DHA and EPA, which can be obtained from Kid’s Gummies Omega 3 + DHA & EPA.