Kid’s Gummies Multivitamins + Minerals

is a fruity-flavored gummy that provides essential nutrients to support children growth and development.

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What are the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain children’s wellness?

What are the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain children’s wellness?

  • Vitamin A is essential for normal functioning of the eyes, immune system, as well as cell and tissues growth.1
  • Vitamin B5 and B6 help the body in metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.1
  • Biotin helps to metabolize fats and carbohydrates.1
  • Folic acid is essential for cell division and growth; it aids the formation of red blood cell and prevents anemia.1
  • Vitamin B12 aids the formation of red blood cell and maintain healthy nerve function.1
  • Vitamin D3 is necessary for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, which helps in healthy bone and teeth development. It can also benefit the immune system.1
  • Vitamin E protects the fats in body tissues against oxidation damage.1
  • Iodine is essential for the formation of thyroid hormones, which controls the metabolism, growth and development.1
  • Zinc acts as a co-enzyme, which is essential for growth, cell division, nutrient metabolism and immunity.1
Who are recommended to take Kid’s Gummies Multivitamins + Minerals?
  • Picky eater.
  • Children who have an imbalance diet.
  • Children who wish to improve physical well-being.
What is the recommended dosage?
  • Children (2-4 years): 1 gummy daily, after meal.
  • Children (4 years and above): 2 gummies daily, after meal.
What are the features of Kid’s Gummies Multivitamins + Minerals?

What are the features of Kid’s Gummies Multivitamins + Minerals?

  • 3 yummy flavors: blackcurrant, strawberry, orange.
  • Fun and adorable mini gummies shape.
  • Contains 8 essential vitamins and 2 minerals.
  • Easy to chew.
  • Without added artificial sweetener and preservatives.


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Vitamin A
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Folic acid
Pack size

Pack size

30 gummies, 60 gummies



  1. Ministry of Health, Malaysia. 2017. Recommended Nutrient Intakes for Malaysia.


Q1: What is a balanced diet?
  • A balanced diet means eating a wide variety of foods in an appropriate proportions, and consuming a right amount of food and drink in order to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Plenty of starchy food such as rice, bread, biscuits, potato.
  • Some meat, fish, egg, legumes.
  • Some milk and dairy products.
  • Little amount of foods and drinks that are high in fats and sugar like cooking oil, burger, soft drink.
Q2: How to deal with picky-eaters?
  • Try not to force your children if they refuse to eat.
  • Always serve small portions to avoid overwhelming your children.
  • Incorporate a variety of brightly colored foods such as carrot and sweet corn into your meals.
  • Cut the foods into smaller size or various shapes.
  • Encourage your children to help in preparing foods like rinsing the vegetables.
  • Keep serving your children healthy choices until they become familiar and preferred.