Healthy Aging with Sustainable Mobility

Healthy Aging with Sustainable Mobility  

August 7, 2023

“Semakin berumur, semakin banyak kesakitan sendi”  

Are you wondering why we are experiencing joint pain? 

During aging, the stiffness, irritation and painful experiences on the joints are torturing you. It might cause by bone-to-bone friction, which is called osteoarthritis in the proper terms. 

Cartilage is the protective membrane between joints to absorb the impact and collision, preventing damage at the edge of the bones, and allowing the joints to flex smoothly without any contact between the bones.  

Nonetheless, damage from previous injuries can combine with normal “wear-and-tear” to slowly degrade this protective tissue and eventually cause the bones to grind against each other. Besides, the pain and irritation this bone-on-bone friction produces, it can lead to: 

Collagen is an important ingredient to repair our cartilage and it is the main component of our joints.
BiO-LiFE Flexigen contains a unique composition of natural bioactive collagen (hydrolysate collagen), known as Fortigel® technology. Besides, Flexigen provides a scientifically tested
of 10,000mg Hydrolysate Collagen for your healthy joints. With Fortigel® technology, the Flexigen provides natural hydrolysate collagen as an ingredient supporting the reconstruction of cartilage and maintaining joint health.

The product would be BEST for:  

  1. Athletes who perform high-intensity or strength activity  
  2. Individual with an active lifestyle  
  3. Individuals 45 years old and above who wish to maintain joint health 
  4. An individual who is experiencing osteoarthritis symptoms such as 
  5. High-intensity joint pain that may or may not limit movement 
  6. Frequent stiffness 

Taking 1 sachet and mix with 200-250ml of water daily helps preserve your joint health. Get healthy joints to live the way you want!