Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Dec 15, 2020


“Santa Claus is coming to town.” You might not be able to listen to this song and might not be able to enjoy and take pictures of the beautiful decorations in the shopping mall this year due to Covid 19 pandemic. However, staying at home should not limit you from celebrating Christmas. You could still celebrate this special day with your loved ones at home.

E-meet Gathering

Staying at home could limit the spread of Covid-19 does not mean you can’t celebrate it with your loved ones. You could decide the day and schedule a video call. To make it festive, you can share the same recipe and prepare the same dishes. Thus, you could have the same food in different places together. Then, you could chat while enjoying the holiday meal.

Decorate as Festive as Possible

You would be spending a lot of time at home during this festive season. Thus, you can decorate or makeover your home together with your family members. Besides purchasing new decorations, you could make some DIY. After that, you could take some photos, keep a good memory or share the photo with your loved ones.

Custom-made Christmas Card

You can share the wish with your loved ones through your custom-made card. Besides hand drawing, you could create cards by using various software applications. Instead of sharing wording wish, you could now share your own customized Christmas card to your loved ones. For kids, you can provide them the drawing materials needed and let them explore their creativity.

Competition in Making Gingerbread

One of the symbols of Christmas is gingerbread. You could spend your time having competition in making gingerbread with your family. You need to prepare the necessary ingredients and let your family members create their gingerbread. After baking, the gingerbread can be shared with your neighbors or friends.

Watch Christmas Movie

To get into the Christmas spirit, you could kick off the Christmas movie marathon. You could prepare some snacks, popcorns, and drink to create an environment like a cinema. Then, pick a few of your favourite Christmas movie and watch it together with your loved ones.

Christmas Karaoke

This karaoke session can be in the form of a performance or competition. During this karaoke session, you can sing Christmas songs or any other popular song. It can be conducted via any online meeting platform. To keep this as a memory, you could record down this Karaoke session as well.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

The happiest moment of Christmas is when receiving a gift. You could organize a gift exchange session by becoming each other’s secret Santa. During this pandemic of Covid-19, you can send masks, sanitizers, and immune booster supplements to your loved ones as gifts according to their needs. For those that you could not meet, you can post the gift to their house. The receiver would indeed feel warm and happy when receiving your Christmas gift.

By maintaining social distancing to limit the spread of Covid-19, there are still many ways for you to celebrate Christmas. Although this might be a brand-new way to celebrate Christmas, staying safe and healthy is always the priority.