Ease Your Ramadhan Fasting with These Supplements!

Ease your Ramadan Fasting with these Supplements! 

8 Mar, 2023

While entering the time for spiritual renewal and getting closer to God to seek blessings and bounties, it is also a time to be more aware of cultivating compassion within ourselves and towards others. Unfortunately, our health concerns may hinder us from doing so.

Despite appreciating the heartwarming moments of Buka Puasa and having big and hearty meals with our family, the sudden big meals or shift in mealtime may result in some health issues arising and affect us often after Sahur and Iftar. Therefore, besides moving towards healthier meal plans, we may need to support our bodies with relevant supplements to ensure our health will not take a hit during and after the fasting period.

When life goes on as usual, how can you carry out your daily activities without slackening due to these issues? Besides healthy meal plans, supporting your body with supplements can help to ensure that your overall health does not take a hit from your fasting period. A fasting period involves going for a certain amount of time without eating anything, which means your body also misses out on vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, you must replenish your body with supplements due to the loss during the day. Vitamin B complex is one of the top nutrients to load up on to boost your energy.



Vitamin C As Muslims must wake up early for Sahur before sunrise, coupled with work and family commitments, there is hardly enough rest. These can lead to sleep deprivation which may cause the immune system to be weak. Vitamin C can help to boost your immune system during the fasting period.



Probiotics Digestive problems and constipation are relatively common during Ramadan. These digestive issues can be due to sudden mealtime shifts, big meals intake during Sahur and Iftar, and lack of water intake. Believe it or not, probiotics – the living-friendly bacteria can help. However, did you know that not all probiotics address the same health concern? Therefore, when you look for Probiotics, choose clinically proven and effective Probiotics targeted to your health concern.



Take Home Message
Supporting your body with supplements can help you to have a healthy and happy Ramadan.