Ways to achieve a Calmer Mind Naturally

Ways to achieve a Calmer Mind Naturally  

20 May, 2024

Don’t you agree that people are finding it increasingly difficult to stay relaxed? Technological advancements and the constant bombardment of information have left little space for us to breathe.  

Stress and feelings of anxiousness are rising, and people are searching for ways to relieve this tension and restlessness. As more individuals seek natural and effective remedies, herbal supplements have gained more popularity. These gentle and holistic solutions are becoming a go-to choice for people who want to experience the power of nature’s remedies in promoting relaxation and better sleep. 

The Power of Natural Remedies

Herbal extracts and supplements have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. They work through various mechanisms to promote relaxation and alleviate anxious feelings. Most herbs contain active ingredients that naturally interact with our mind and nerves to regulate mood and stress responses.

  1. Chamomile

    Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs for its calming effects on alleviating stress. It contains a chemical compound called apigenin, which binds to specific brain receptors and may help reduce anxious feelings and promote relaxation. 

  2. Valerian Root (Valeriana Officinalis) Valerian is a medicinal plant used for thousands of years as a non-addictive sleep aid to promote sleep without causing morning grogginess. It helps reduce the time needed to fall asleep and improve sleep quality by inducing GABA activities in the brain and reducing brain excitability. The intake of a minimum of 400mg of valerian root extract is clinically proven to improve sleep quality. It suits those who find it difficult to fall asleep at night or have poor sleep quality.
  3. Lavender Think of a relaxing and calming spa appointment, and you are probably already smelling a lavender-scented candle aroma in your mind. That’s because lavender, a flowering plant belonging to the mint family, has long been used for its calming properties.Scientific research has proven that a daily intake of 80mg of high-quality food-grade lavender oil can help reduce anxious feelings and support better sleep.

Introducing Herbalmeds, 
Herbal remedies, perfected by science. 

Herbalmeds Calmee – Calm and Relax the Mind 

Each capsule contains 80mg of high-quality, food-grade lavender oil. Just one capsule a day helps reduce anxious feelings by providing a calming effect to the mind. This clinically proven herbal remedy is intelligently formulated to calm your mind & nerves, relieve anxious feelings, and promote relaxation, thus supporting a good night’s sleep.

🌞 Take in the morning to ease feelings of anxiousness.
🌙 Take at night for a quality sleep.

Herbalmeds Valerian Extract 572mg – Better Sleep Quality 

Each capsule contains 572mg of valerian root extract, providing the highest strength available in the market. Herbalmeds Valerian helps to induce GABA activity in the brain to provide a natural mild sedative effect, reduces the time needed to fall asleep and supports better-quality sleep.

🌙 Take 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleep for a good sleep quality and a refreshed morning the next day.


Herbal supplements offer promising benefits in promoting relaxation and supporting better sleep. You should always consult your healthcare professionals to ensure personalized advice and assess potential interactions with medications you consume or existing health conditions.

Herbal remedies are best complemented by more holistic approaches, including healthy lifestyle habits, stress management techniques, and mindfulness practices. A relaxed mind and a good night’s sleep are essential to ensuring better overall health and wellness.

Join us on a journey to a calmer mind and better sleep!

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