NEW KIDDZ™ Gummies: Every Tasty Bite Supporting for Optimal Growth

NEW KIDDZ™ Gummies: Every Tasty Bite Supporting for Optimal Growth   

11 June, 2024

Hey, awesome parents! Are you always looking for ways to help your little ones grow up strong, healthy, and smart? We get it. Kids can be picky eaters, making it a challenge to keep their nutrition on point. We’ve got a fantastic suggestion for you: the healthy, tasty bites that support their optimal growth!

KIDDZ™ Multivits Gummies  

There are still some nutritional challenges for kids, according to the Malaysia National Health and Morbidity Survey 2022. We are dealing with about 21.2% of children under 5 with stunted growth, and issues of underweight and wasting have been climbing since 2015. This means one out of every five kids isn’t getting the proper nutrition they need, which slows down their growth – especially those picky eaters. Is your kid one of them?

How do you keep those growth spurts going strong? Check out KIDDZ™ Multivits Gummies. These gummies are not just healthy but also super fun! They come in natural colour, shaped like berries, and taste like yummy blueberries. Packed with 8 vitamins and 2 minerals, these gummies are perfect for a stronger body and development. Plus, they make a tasty, rewarding treat and a fun bonding time with mom and dad.

KIDDZ™ DHA Gummies 

Let’s talk about brain power! Did you know that maintaining adequate DHA levels is very important for your kid’s brain development and functions? This includes learning abilities like attention span, focus, information processing, and memory. Around 60% of the brain and nerves consist of fats, with DHA being the main structural part of brain tissue.2 So, for boosting brain power, try KIDDZ™ DHA Gummies. These little star-shaped delights are strawberry-flavoured, naturally coloured, and filled with omega-3 fish oil (DHA 16mg, EPA 3mg) from Denmark. They’re designed to support sharper mind, from attention span to memory, all thanks to the brain-boosting powers of DHA – known as the “brain fuel”. And the best part? They have a minimal fishy smell, so your kids won’t turn them away.

Don’t Miss the Importance of Early Development 

Everything develops at lightning speed during those early years. So, it’s super important to give your kids the best start possible. A fantastic way to do this is by incorporating healthy bites into their diet with Mega BiO-LiFE KIDDZ™ range! Grab the KIDDZ™ Multivits Gummies for a stronger body and KIDDZ™ DHA Gummies for smarter minds. Enjoy the bites! 



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