Your Travel Companions: For You and Your Little Ones

Your Travel Companions: For You and Your Little Ones

1 December, 2023

As the cheerful note of ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ jingle in, the sound of travel calls our name, signaling the end of a year of hard work. Traveling with our family is like hitting the jackpot! It’s all about leaving the daily hustle behind, sharing laughs, and creating unforgettable memories while exploring exciting new places. But not until our stomach problem decides to join the journey as well, and that’s not always in a fun way!

Traveling-related Digestive ‘Discompanion 

Digestive discomforts (stomach discomfort) such as constipation, diarrhea, and indigestion are all-too-common travel companions, as traveling can disrupt our body’s natural rhythm, including our digestion! Those lengthy hours of sitting, whether on a flight or a bus, and dietary disruptions, like less fiber and water intake, can lead to constipation. Traveling in a new place also means eating new and unfamiliar food, which can occasionally result in diarrhea when any food or water happens to be contaminated. The adventure across different time zones hints at a change in eating schedules, accompanied by the introduction of new and diverse cuisines, making our stomachs vulnerable to upset or indigestion, such as bloating, stomach pain, and heartburn. These digestive discomforts are not the ideal travel companions we want, turning a fantastic journey into an unpleasant one.

The Ideal Travel Companion – A.B. Pre & Pro Series 

Say hello to your ideal travel companion – A.B. Adult Gold Pre & Pro, conveniently packaged in easy-to-use sachets, ensuring your seamless and enjoyable travel journey! A.B Adult Gold Pre & Pro is your all-in-one solution, combining PREbiotics and PRObiotics, delivering a synbiotic effect that shields you from digestive discomfort. We get it; it’s not always easy to meet your daily fiber needs while traveling, but fear not! Our prebiotic inulin-oligofructose adds the essential fiber your gut warriors need to stay battle-ready 24/7, safeguarding your stomach from any surprises. With a whopping ten billion CFU of probiotics featuring LP-01 and BB-12 strains, our formula supercharges your good bacteria, promoting healthy digestion while enjoying new food and keeping unwanted digestive discomfort at bay. 

Well, one companion may not be sufficient to ensure a seamless and hassle-free travel journey, as what about our little ones with delicate immune systems? That’s where the magic of two comes in, making our ideal travel companion complete – A.B. Junior Pre & Pro designed for your little ones aged two and above. With prebiotics, inulin nourishes your little one’s gut with essential fiber and 2 billion CFU of probiotics, featuring LA-05 and BB-12; this dynamic duo enhances their digestion and boosts their immune system to ensure a peaceful journey. A.B Junior Pre & Pro is a reliable guardian against digestive discomfort, offering particular relief for our little ones who are vulnerable to lactose intolerance in case they consume lactose-containing foods during the journey. 

A.B. Adult Gold Pre & Pro and A.B. Junior Pre & Pro are your ultimate travel companions. The convenient sachets make it a breeze to take your digestive health on the go while ensuring your smooth journey – tear, pour, and savor the benefits. They’re here to keep your belly happy so you can focus on the fun, not the discomfort, making your family’s travel experience twice as enjoyable and memorable!