Your Child’s Body Immune System

Your Child’s Body Immune System

Jun 19, 2019


There is mounting concern for the well-being of children during the coronavirus outbreak. Let’s understand further on how to protect your children from this outbreak and strengthen their immunity.

It is normal for your child to fall sick sometimes during the development of a more mature immune system. Child’s natural defense gets more powerful along with this ongoing battling against the disease-causing germs. However, some children with the weaker immune system are more vulnerable to illnesses, typically cold and flu. Take smart steps to give your child’s immune system some extra support!

Proper Hygiene Practice — Guard against germ spread

  • Correct hand washing, especially before eating and after using the toilet, reduce infection risk.
  • Replace toothbrush every 3-4 months avoid germs continuously accumulate on the old toothbrush.

Prebiotics & Probiotics  A healthy gut is the key to healthy growth

  • Most of the immune system lies in the gut; therefore, maintaining good intestinal bacteria provides a protective shield against harmful germs, and reduce the number of sick days and incident of sickness.
  • Taking prebiotics (food for good bacteria) together with probiotics give synergistic health benefits to your child. A healthy gut is the key to healthy growth, and it also strengthen the immune system.

Balanced Lifestyle  Nutritious food, stay active & rest well

  • Eating a variety of food provides your child with wholesome nutrients necessary for growth.
  • Regular outdoor activities and sweating make your child healthier and stronger.
  • Getting enough sleep at night is important for your child’s body to regenerates and renew itself.

Avoid close contact with the sick  Reduce exposure to infectious germs

  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is coughing and sneezing as germs and other infectious illnesses can be spread through the air.

Banish 2nd-hand Smoke  Cigarette smoke cause more harm to child

  • Your child is more susceptible to the numerous toxins found in cigarette smoke because the child breathes at a faster rate, and the natural detoxification system is immature.

Antibiotics Are Last Resort  Antibiotics give fast result but not the best solution

  • Frequent use of antibiotics treatment may cause the infection getting more difficult to cure because the stubborn bacteria become resistant to the standard treatment.
  • Antibiotics kill both bad and good bacteria, making your child weaker and loss appetite.

Try on BiO-LiFE AB Junior Pre & Pro to keep your child healthy! The combination of probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 and Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 with combined with prebiotics (inulin) support both intestinal and immune health. Your child can pour the powder directly into the mouth or mix into room temperature drink or food – It’s convenient and effective!

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