Why We Should Consider to Take 1000mg Vitamin C?

Why We Should Consider to Take 1000mg Vitamin C?

Aug 23, 2021


Based on Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) Malaysia, the daily requirement of vitamin C for adults is 70mg1. This is achievable by taking vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables. In general, the intake of 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables in a day can meet the needs of vitamin C as much as 210-280mg/day2.

The Amount of Vitamin C in 1 Serving of Fruits & Vegetables3
½ guava
1 kiwi
1 slice papaya
1 Mandarin orange
1 cup tapioca shoot
1 cup mustard leaves

Looking at the serving size, let us recall, how much fruits and vegetables had we eaten yesterday? Are we able to regularly consume the same recommended serving sizes every day?

If you are not a fan of fruits and vegetables, one of the convenient ways to obtain Vitamin C is through health supplementation.

The dosage of most vitamin C supplements in the market is 1000mg as it is designated to fill the RNI gap for daily body maintenance. In fact, 1000mg vitamin C had been shown to be effective in enhancing health5 as well as reducing the duration of common cold and cold incidence6,7.

If we only take as little as 70mg/day of vitamin C, it will be used up very quickly in the body to fight against various free radicals, generated from UV light, gadgets’ radiation, pollution, smoking habit etc. With its antioxidant property, vitamin C is shown to neutralize the free radicals by stabilizing the molecules. If there is no back-up supply of Vitamin C to the body, we are not able to gain optimize health benefits from the nutrient to enhance our body’s defense system.

Besides, due to Vitamin C’s sensitivity to heat, light, and oxygen, it is susceptible to degrade during cooking and thermal processing8. In this case, getting sufficient vitamin C from natural food sources will be a challenge that needs to be addressed. On the contrary, taking a high-strength vitamin C supplement shall be a feasible solution in providing the exact amount of vitamin C as stated in the ingredients list before the expiry date or the end of its shelf-life.

As vitamin C could not be produced or stored in our body, hence we need to obtain it either from food or supplementation on a daily basis for great health. If you feel that it is difficult to follow the dietary guidelines, you may consider taking 1000mg vitamin C supplementation as health maintenance as well as to gain other health benefits to complement a healthy lifestyle.

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