What Causes Skin Fatigue

What Causes Skin Fatigue

Aug 28, 2018

Skin Fatigue
  • Describe as dull, dry, rough and wrinkled skin
  • Due to lack of nutrients being supplied to the skin
  • Women age 30-40 are especially prone to this issue
  • Early indications of premature aging of skin
Causes of skin fatigue
  • Hectic & stressful lifestyle
  • Imbalanced diet
  • Pollution and harsh environment
  • Irregular bedtime schedule
  • Lack of proper exercise
Causes of skin fatigue
Signs of aging skin
GLOW: secret to ‘Glowing’ skin
Benefits of GLOW
  • Enriching and revitalize skin from within to achieve glowing and healthy skin
  • Cleaning and detoxify skin waste
  • Provide nutrients to skin cell for healthy rosy skin complexion
  • Strengthening collagen in skin
  • Protecting skin from damages due to free radical
  • Gives strength and elasticity to skin and maintain its suppleness
SKHN Complex 750mg
Consisting of
Marine Protein (derived from shark) 100mg
Silica 5mg
Green Tea Extract 50mg
Lemon Bioflavonoids 50mg
Hydrolyzed Collagen (derived from fish) 30mg
Vitamin C 30mg
Tomato Extract 25mg
Grape Seed Extract 20mg
D. Salina Extract 15mg
Pine Bark Extract 10mg
Vitamin E 7.5IU

2 capsules daily with meals.

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