Want a Good Hair Day, Every Day? Start Feeding It Right

Want a Good Hair Day, Every Day? Start Feeding It Right

Sep 24, 2020


It can be long and straight, short and sassy, frizzy or wavy. Hair comes in many different styles, colours, textures and lengths. No matter what hair type we may have, we have one thing in common – we want our treasured locks to be healthy, silky smooth and shiny.

And, it bothers us immensely when our hair is not at its optimum ‘health’ because it’s undisputed that hair issues can affect us in more ways than one. They affect our peace of mind, confidence and adds to our stress.

But, alas, many of us may be going about achieving good hair the wrong way! Why do I say that?

Well, let’s ask ourselves this …. What is our ‘formula’ for luscious locks? I am sure we will list, among others, the right shampoo, quality hair tonic, a good hair brush, regular visits to the salon for hair treatments, air drying our hair and other similar things to reverse any ill effects to our hair.

While all these are well and very good, they remain just topical and external measures to address your hair issues.

The REAL secret to that healthy head of hair is …. not what we do externally but what we nourish our hair from within!

Nourish Hair from Within

Yes, just like our physical bodies, our hair needs nourishment too. Often, due to modern day lifestyles as well as issues related to ageing, we need to supplement our hair with that much needed nourishment. Our daily diet may also be insufficient, nutrition wise, and the stressors in life can definitely take its toll on our hair.

Now, let’s understand a little about the hair. Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin that is produced in hair follicles in the outer layer of skin. We each have about 100,000 strands of hair (though some may have more hair, between 120,000 -130,000) which grows from 100,000 follicles on our scalp.

Normal hair grows in each follicle in a cycle of three phases; a growth phase (anagen), transitional phase (catagen) and resting or ‘shedding’ phase (telogen). Thus, hair follicles require nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals to build healthy hair shafts to produce healthy hair. When this cycle is disrupted, hair is malnourished and issues will occur.

It’s no wonder then that we lament over our hair problems. We complain of dry, fragile and brittle hair, pre-mature ageing, hair thinning, hair loss, greasy hair and damaged hair. Some of us have scalp problems too. It’s also common for women, especially, to do frequent chemical-based perming, hair colouring and bleaching and hair straightening. Certainly, extensive use of harsh hair products over a long period of time can weaken our hair follicles.

Nourish Hair from Within

Here’s a helpful list of nutrients that will be good for our hair. Sulphurated amino acid with L-Cysteine Hydrochloride is helpful to allow hair keratin to build strong and healthy hair. Vitamin B Complex (B3, B5, B6, B7) and Vitamin C will help nourish our scalp and strengthen hair strands from within. Iron, zinc and copper can help to improve hair nutrition and revitalise hair while the horsetail herb extract can provide a natural silica to pamper our hair with a pretty shine.

In a nutshell, feeding our hair with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals will ensure healthy hair growth, hair strengthening from within and essential scalp care to manage issues due to over-styling hair, poor nutrition and ageing. For a balanced approach, it will be great to also practice good lifestyle habits. Be mindful of those chemical treatments. Don’t over-style our hair. Sleep well. Eat a balanced diet.

So, let’s all take care of our hair with the same conscientious effort as we would our health! Be proactive. Remember, great looking hair is also indicative that our nourishment is optimal.

Cheers to a good hair day, every day!

Article written by Rozzana Chung Abdullah

Rozzana Chung Abdullah is a hair expert with over 30 years of experience who has helped countless women and men with their hair issues and guided them to achieve healthier hair.

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