The Super Ingredient With Sophisticated Technology For Super Efficacy

The Super Ingredient With Sophisticated Technology For Super Efficacy

Aug 26, 2019


There is one fat-soluble vitamin-like substance gaining its popularity in the health supplement market due to the clinical potentials (refer Figure 1). It is a nutrient produced naturally in our body; and factors such as aging, medication, and health conditions can decrease its production, leading to poor health status. Daily intake from food is reported to typically range between 3-5mg/day, which is not considered to be sufficient in order to significantly raise blood and tissue levels. [1] Therefore, taking it as dietary supplement help boost its level for optimal health functioning. Those health-concerned people sure have heard and known about this nutrient – Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Figure 1: The Potential Health Benefits

The Different Forms

CoQ10 is available in two active forms – ubiquinone and ubiquinol that functioning differently. Ubiquinone is the primary energy generator; meanwhile, ubiquinol is the antioxidant. These forms convert freely between each other according to our body need. Most research and studies investigated the clinical benefits were using ubiquinone form since ubiquinol is very reactive when getting into contact with air and stomach acid.

The Advance Technology – VESIsorb®

Absorption rate and bioavailability are the determinant factors for efficacy. However, the standard lipid-based formulation of CoQ10 is usually poorly absorbed and mostly get excreted. Thus, many technologies have been applied to improvise the formulation. Among all, this patented technology from Switzerland is scientifically proven to significantly improve the efficacy of fat-soluble ingredient through a naturally self-assembling colloidal droplet delivery system that mimics human fat digestion and absorption process.

<tr”>Figure 2: Difference Between Standard Formulation And With VESIsorb® Technology

Standard oil-based formulation is not well-dissolved. It needs bile acid to further break down into small micelles for digestion and absorption, which take up long time, resulting in poor bioavailability and absorption rate. With VESIsorb® technology,
the oil-based formulation naturally self-assembles into colloidal droplets when entering stomach which shorten the digestion time. Thus, allow higher bioavailability and absorption rate as travel through the intestine.

Simply meaning, VESIsorb® increases the absorption rate and bioavailability of the lipid-based CoQ10 by making it naturally forms into tiny colloidal droplets (<100nm or <0.00001cm in diameter) after contacting with the natural fluids in the stomach, without needing to wait for the long duration of the digestion process. This technology provides a fast lane for CoQ10 to diffuse and get absorbed much easier and quicker. As a result, more CoQ10 nutrient can be absorbed and used by the body.

Super Efficacy

With this sophisticated technology, the absorption of this improvised formulation of CoQ10 supplement is now six times higher compared to the typical formulation. It is especially helpful for those with poor digestion health or poor fat absorption. As for those with heart issue which need more CoQ10 for the heart muscle, getting this formulation – ubiquinone with VESIsorb® technology, enable you to get your required CoQ10 at mild dosage yet with promising efficacy. Of course, you may also take this for other health benefits and get better efficiency. Feel the difference today!

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