The Perfectly Handy 7-in-1 Natural Mouth Spray

The Perfectly Handy 7-in-1 Natural Mouth Spray

Aug 03, 2022


Having oral discomfort (e.g. dryness, ulcer, foul breath) or mild inflammation is quite bothering – it causes difficulty in talking, chewing, and swallowing, affecting your daily life. Moreover, weather changes, smoking, ambient air pollution, or certain food choices can also worsen these conditions. Usually, alternatives like herbal remedies may help in soothing this condition.

What are the ingredients and how do they help?

All made from carefully selected natural plant extracts and oils:

7-in-1 Natural Herbal Mouth Spray

A handy spray provides a synergistic effect that helps reduce mouth irritation (e.g. bad breath, dry mouth). The combined ingredients commonly give cooling and soothing effects. Thus, offer a relief and comfort with 2 to 3 pumps directly into the mouth, as often as required. It tastes natural and gives you on-the-go convenient solution for refreshing breath and mouth soothing.