The 5 Love Languages of Children

The 5 Love Languages of Children

Mar 21, 2019


As a parent, satisfying the basic needs of your child aren’t the primary way of expressing love. You have to speak their love language for them to feel a heart-based feeling of being loved. You’ll see a remarkable improvement in the parent-child relationship!

    Frequent heart-felt warm touches such as a tight hug, hold hands, or high five are great in showing unconditional love to your child.
    Spend time with your child through direct-interactive activities. Persistent personal contacts and emotional connections are necessary to build a strong relationship.
    Besides praising, acknowledging efforts and initiatives make your child feels being recognized and understood.
    This is straight forward: action speaks louder than words. You and your child can help out each other; share food, story and small jokes.
    Try DIY something for your child, give some small gifts as a reward, or send a postcard while you’re out of the town, give little surprises that sparkle the parent-child love.

Start practicing from today: give your child a hug or pat on the shoulder when you reach home from work. Have a wonderful mealtime together with some warm chit-chat, then clean the table or wash the dishes together. As a reward, you can make them something, such as a special fruit drink (eg add in probiotics powder because a healthy gut is a key to healthy growth). Observe how your child responds and try any other ways of speaking their love languages. Keep this going as it is a worthwhile challenge that help builds strong family bonds.

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