Stress-free travel with your kids during school holiday

Stress-free travel with your kids during school holiday

Mar 21, 2017

3 tips for you to grant a stress-free holiday trip with your kids:

Plan ahead!

  • Always pick a destination with something for all the family members to enjoy.
  • Choose a kid-friendly accommodations or facility.
  • Going to the doctors before the trip if your kids have any pre-existing medical conditions and require specific medications.

Pack the necessities!

  • Bring appropriate clothing. You may have to check on the weather during your travel period and pack clothes accordingly.
  • Pack your kids’ favourite pillow/blanket (he/she may not be able to sleep well without these), food and drinks.
  • Pack vitamin C rich food to make sure your kids are strong enough to combat bacteria (especially if the trip involves a lot of outdoor activities). You may consider supplement containing vitamin C and colostrum as this is one good option to strengthen your kids’ immunity.

Get ready for your trip!

  • Keep hydrated. Always bring own bottled water wherever you going during the trip.
  • Stick to your kids’ routine. Try not to change his/her diet and make sure he/she eats balanced meal.
  • Opt for hygienic eateries. Always go to clean premises to avoid from food poisoning.
  • Get enough rest. Always allocate a proper rest time for your kids.
  • Safety comes first. Always keep an eye on your kids to avoid any incidents