Stomach Gas Go Away!

Stomach Gas Go Away!

Mar 24, 2022


You get intestinal gas naturally when swallowing and digesting. The digestive system can tolerate some gases, but excessive or trapped gas can cause discomfort and affect your appetite. You might be having indigestion, feeling bloated, burping, or frequently passing gas. These discomforts can be frustrating especially when it starts to affect your daily life such as being unable to enjoy food as much or having difficulty concentrating on your work. Here are some possible causes of having too much stomach gas:

  • Too much fiber
    Although promoting healthy digestive movement, eating too much fiber further increases your intestinal gas
  • Fructose
    Found in certain fruits and food products. Poor absorption or consume in high amount causing you with too much intestinal gas
  • Sugar substitute
    Your stomach might not digest it properly, which then produces excess gas
  • Fructose
    Found in certain fruits and food products. Poor absorption or consume in high amount causing you with too much intestinal gas
  • Dairy Products
    Certain people may have poor digesting ability of dairy sugar (lactose). This can lead to fermentation by intestinal bacteria’s that produce gas
  • Carbonated, gassy drinks
    Increase your chance of having accumulated or trapped gas in the intestine
Eating Habits
  • Too fast, too much
    You swallow more air when eating too quickly. Meanwhile, over-eating means a longer digestion time that increases gas production in your stomach/gut.
  • Drinking through a straw
    You will swallow in some air at the same time
  • Talking while eating
    Increase your opportunity of swallowing too much air
  • Chewing gum or sucking candies
    Chewing and sucking action make you swallow more often, thus accumulating more intestinal gas

You wouldn’t like to tolerate for hours on bloated or stomach tenderness. While managing these culprits often improves the condition as time goes by, you shall also take over-the-counter treatment to get faster instant relief. Simethicone is a widely used anti-gas treatment with an effective outcome. It quickly breaks up the excess, trapped small bubbles of intestinal gas. This allows faster removal of excess intestinal gases, giving you an instant relief. Say goodbye to gassy stomach!

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