Stay Away from Pharyngitis & Tonsillitis

Stay Away from Pharyngitis & Tonsillitis

Aug 30, 2021



Many of us would have suffered from throat infections at least once in our life. It would be a torture when facing a throat infection, especially when we want to speak or eat. This is because we might undergo a painful sensation in the throat every time swallow.

Types of throat infection

Pharyngitis and tonsillitis are used to refer to the infection that causes inflammation and soreness in the throat. If the infected area is at the pharynx which is located between the tonsils and voice box, then it is called pharyngitis; when the tonsils are infected, it is called tonsillitis. It is called pharyngotonsillitis if the infection happened at both the pharynx and the tonsils.

The specific strain: Streptococcus salivarius K12

Streptococcus salivarius K12 is a probiotic strain that is clinically found to be effective in preventing recurrent pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Recent clinical trials, conducted both in adults and children, demonstrated that treatment with the K12 strain reduces recurrences of bacterial pharyngotonsillitis by approximately 80% and 90%, respectively.

Streptococcus salivarius is one of the most numerous bacteria found in the oral cavity, accounting for about 15-40% of the total oral population in healthy subjects. However, less than 2% of the people produce K12 strains. K12 strains would be able to produce powerful antimicrobial substances called Bacteriocin-Like-Inhibitory- Substances (BLIS).

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