Stay Active with Stronger Bones

Stay Active with Stronger Bones  

September 4, 2023

Calcium is the main mineral that builds up our bones and teeth, with the bone known as the “Calcium Bank”. The earlier and the more calcium you keep in this bank, ensuring a stronger bone throughout your life stages and helps lower the risk of osteoporosis, a condition associated with poor bone structure because a lack of bone minerals. It leads to larger holes and empty spaces in the bone, and it gets cracked and broken easily because it is unable to bear the weight and pressure.


How Much Calcium You Need?

Different life stages have specific requirements for daily calcium intake, which you must get from food or sometimes supplements. Are you getting enough? 

Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) Malaysia [2017] 
Children 6 – 9 years old  1000 mg/day 
Teenagers  10 – 19 years old  1300 mg/day 
Adult  20 – 49 years old  1000 mg/day 
(Men) 50 years old and above  1000 mg/day 
(Women) 50 years old and above  1200 mg/day 
Pregnancy and Lactation  13 – 19 years old  1300 mg/day 
20 years old and above  1000 mg/day 


Higher Calcium Requirement for Specific Individuals People 

There is no doubt that growing teenagers need more calcium. Upon entering adulthood, the standard requirement is about 1000 mg daily. On the other hand, women need to get a higher and sufficient intake of calcium during certain life stages – pregnancy, lactation, and after the age of 50:  

Therefore, women should always be more aware of their daily calcium intake and lifestyle practices. Lack of daily calcium intake would increase the calcium-releasing action from the bones to fill up the deficiency, resulting in bone mineral loss and weakening the bones.  


BiO-LiFE Calcium & Magnesium Plus 

Besides bone health, calcium supports many body functions, such as cellular signaling, nerve transmission, and muscle contraction. Not to forget that maintaining a strong bone structure also needs several other minerals like magnesium and zinc. Also, do you know that the optimal calcium absorption for each time is about 500mg? After understanding all this information, how can you meet the bone nutrient requirement daily without much trouble? Try out the BiO-LiFE Calcium & Magnesium Plus – it is not only for maintaining stronger bone, but you can also have a better livelihood and the capability to enjoy your life the way you want!  


Ministry of Health Malaysia. 2017. Recommended Nutrient Intakes for Malaysia. A Report of The Technical Working Group on Nutritional Guidelines.