Seize Your Day with Utmost Energy

Seize Your Day with Utmost Energy

Dec 9, 2022


Daily activities, work, social, family and friends, travel, you have so many to do every day! While catching up in life and moving around, are you frequently feeling any of these?

Easily tired, less energetic

Sluggish, sleepy after lunch

Poor concentration, lost alert, poor memory

Drained out during or after travelling


This is probably due to one of the most neglected reasons – you are not getting enough nutrients for energy! Daily food choices play a vital role in your long-term overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, everyday eating habits such as binge eating with unhealthy food choices, frequent eating out, skipping a meal, or selecting a quick but less nutritious meal will slow down your body’s processing and metabolism, affecting daily performance and draining energy. 

Year-end is the peak season for festive celebrations, traveling, meeting up… So, what do you need to cope with all these? 

  • Vitamin B Complex 

The team (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12) helps process and convert the eaten nutrients into energy. These vitamin Bs work together as the helper in the energy production process. It would help if you restore them daily as they are water-soluble vitamins and not retained in the body for a long time. 

  • Vitamin C 

This is your health protector vitamin. It strengthens your body against infections, speed up your recovery from sickness, and helps in wound healing and skin collagen formation (intact skin is the first line of defence barrier). 

  • Calcium & Magnesium 

These are the essential minerals for bone and muscles. Firstly, it would help if you have healthy and strong bones to support your body moving around. Further, adding magnesium improves calcium absorption and maintains better muscle functions – less tense and tight muscles ensure great movement, reduce cramp issues, and better sleep. 

The Fitting All-In-One for You 

BiO-LiFE Nat B Fizzy is your convenient option to catch up with your busy days! Nat B Fizzy contains high strength of Vitamin B Complex and 1000mg of Vitamin C for energy and immunity boost. Besides, each tablet is individually packed to be hygienic and prevent oxidation – keeping the best quality of the formulation. What’s more? Just one effervescent tablet a day in a glass of water, gives the refreshing orange flavour and tastes best in a cold drink. Unquestionably, this would be your secret to upholding your active and wonderful life!