Say Goodbye to Dry Mouth and Bad Breath!

Say Goodbye to Dry Mouth and Bad Breath!

2 May, 2023

Do you feel exhausted when dealing with oral discomforts, such as irritation from dry mouth, bad breath, or even sore throat? Then, please find out more about it! 


Dry mouth: 

A dry mouth is a common problem when the salivary glands in the mouth do not produce enough saliva. Symptoms include a dry feeling in the mouth – a burning or tingling sensation, especially on the tongue. Although not severe, it could affect physical and social health, such as trouble tasting, chewing, swallowing, and problems speaking. Thus, it could affect your work, especially for those that are required to give presentations, meet with colleagues or customers, and those that need to network with people.   

Bad breath: 

Research findings revealed that almost 1 in every three people has terrible breath globally1. Do you know? Certain foods and drinks, such as garlic, onions, coffee, and tea, can cause bad breath. Smoking is another cause, as it leaves a foul odor and dries out the mouth. Imagine when you open your mouth to speak to people, and people are aware of your bad breath. This embarrassing situation may lower your confidence or even spoil your date. Besides, bad breath is common among travelers. When traveling by plane, the sudden change in air pressure slows saliva production, and less saliva can lead to lousy breath2

Throat irritation: 

Eating too much ‘heaty’ or oily food, weather changes, or infection would lead to a feeling of dryness and an irritated or inflamed throat. Some other noticeable symptoms might tag along, including hoarseness of voice, cough, phlegm, or even a runny nose. This condition is known as a sore throat. Start treating while at a mild stage to get a rapid recovery.   


Introducing Eugica Herbal Mouth Spray!

Eugica Herbal Mouth Spray contains seven natural ingredients that work together to restore oral health. It has a refreshing good taste and is very handy for travel. It is suitable for professionals who require much talking to prevent dry mouth and for those with bad breath to refresh their mouth, especially travelers. In addition, its 7-in-1 ingredients can also provide quick relief for mild sore throat through the anti-microbial and anti-inflammation effect, soothes the irritating discomfort of the throat, and promote the discharge of mucus. 


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