Rigel EPO – Unveil your skins natural radiance

Rigel EPO – Unveil your skins natural radiance

Jun 26, 2016


Every woman, young or old knows that a certain importance needs to be given to grooming and looking good. The unfortunate thing is that many do not always take steps to protect their skin. Proper skin health starts from within, more than what expensive cleansers and moisturisers can do for you. All of us will have ageing skin at some point in our lives, but with proper care, anyone can look radiant at any age.

So what can you do internally to ensure vibrant complexion externally? Omega-6 fatty acids are powerful skin regenerators, and you need them daily for optimal health, vitality and fabulous skin. As these fatty acids are essential fatty acids, they cannot be manufactured in the body and therefore must be obtained through the diet. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is an example of an omega-6 fatty acid metabolite and it can be found naturally in evening primrose oil (EPO).

EPO is not just for women, though its beneficial effects on a woman’s reproductive health and skin are well-known. The GLA it contains is important in the modulation of membrane functions and the formation of short-lived local regulating molecules prostaglandin (PG) and leukotrienes. These chemical messengers regulate a myriad of body functions including cell growth, hormonal balance and reproductive health.

EPO also provides the building block that creates an effective barrier in the skin to reduce water loss and improve overall skin condition and function. It is useful in the control of water permeability of the skin, resulting in skin that is smoother, firmer, less tired and more moisturised. It also aids in healing of damaged skin and may reduce the impact of further irritation thereby maintaining skin health.

Although GLA can be found in other plants including borage oil and blackcurrant seed oil, the most biologically-active form of this fatty goodness is in EPO. Choose an EPO product that delivers 33% more GLA than other EPO brands in the market, maintains the same natural state as it occurs in the seed, a clear yellow, natural oil with no additives, colouring or flavouring but with consistent GLA content from batch to batch. EPO helps maintain hormonal balance, healthy skin, nail and hair and peripheral nerve health.

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