Oral Health Testimonial

Oral Health Testimonial

Sep 20, 2017

From Soo Ling, 28 years old, Kampung Baru Salak Selatan

My breath has improved and no longer have bad smell even without breath spray. As a pharmacist, my job makes me get sore throat easily as I need to be in close contact with patients. After taking Oralbiotix K12, I don’t get sore throat or ulcer easily.

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From Andrew, 33 years old, Taman Salak Selatan

I always complain of sore throat, bad breath and rough voice due to my sinus allergies. After taking this Oralbiotix K12 for 1 month, my recurrence of these symptoms has greatly reduced!

From Hazlyly, 31 years old, Sentul

Nafas saya kurang berbau selepas mencuba Oralbiotix K12. Selain itu, produk ini juga berkesan semasa saya mengalami ulser mulut dan sakit tekak. Ulser dan sakit tekak saya hilang dalam masa sehari!

From Goo, 19 years old, Melaka

我有一位朋友,她每天早晚空腹服用一粒Oralbiotix K12 15天后,她兴冲冲的来找我,说她的口臭问题已经彻底解决了,不但如此,她时常会面对喉咙疼痛或口腔干燥的问题也没了。

From Alex, 29 years old, Kepong

The taste of Oralbiotix K12 is very palatable. I am having mouth ulcer very often. After taking this product for about one week, I have seen improvement. The recurrence of mouth ulcer have reduced and ever my breath is fresher.