New Year, Same Resolution: Stay Strong and Healthy!

New Year, Same Resolution: Stay Strong and Healthy! 

Jan 11, 2023

What keeps you strong and healthy? It’s your immune system. How to make sure your immune system is always capable of protecting and fighting for you? It’s the same old story – healthy lifestyle habits and balanced nutrient intake. Look into balanced nutrients, are you aware of which is crucial for immunity? 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is the fundamental daily nutrient that needs to get from either food or supplement. Unfortunately, the human body cannot self-produce and store abundantly for gradual usage (water-soluble vitamin easily gets flushed out with urine). So how does daily Vitamin C intake helps your immune? 

You could also get other nutrients to upgrade Vitamin C performance (absorption rate, functionality) – the antioxidants group. The typical partners are namely bioflavonoids, hesperidin, and rutin. It is even better if you can get acerola extract and rose hip, the natural sources of vitamin C rich in a variety of antioxidants.  


Almost all cells contain zinc contributing to many body functions, including supporting your immune system. It helps regulate the immune response, such as sending immune signals and better cellular function. And you can get the synergistic immune effect by adding some vitamin C! Getting an infection or constantly under stress could lower the zinc level. It might lead to poor immune response, slowing the defence action and recovery step. Therefore, supplementation can provide a convenient option to maintain optimal zinc levels in the body. 

Nat C 1000 and Bio-Zinc Complex 

During this Chinese New Year, let’s share health with your loved ones and keep the immune system strong together! But where can you find these combinations of nutrients? We have specially customised for you – the CNY Longevity Combo set. Grab it now from any participating pharmacies for only RM148. Limited stock, get it fast! 

Nat C 1000

  • High strength – 1,000mg of Vitamin C 
  • 6 in 1 formulation containing 1000mg of vitamin C fortified with citrus bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin, rosehip, and acerola.  
  • Once-a-day dosage 
  • For faster recovery from cold and flu


  • Optimal dose of Zinc
  • Synergistic immune effect with additional vitamin C
  • Once-a-day dosage 
  • Support a healthy and strong immune system



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