Natural Alternatives, Proven by Science

Natural Alternatives, Proven by Science

June 06, 2022


Nowadays, many Malaysians are using herbal supplements due to their natural benefits to improve and maintain good health. Recently, Mega Lifesciences and BiO-LiFE have launched 3 new products to our Herbalmeds range of clinically tested herbal medicines. Herbalmeds products are all-natural, offering alternative treatment without side effects. Produced with active ingredients from quality raw materials, the new addition to our Herbalmeds range comprising of Grape Seed Extract 168 mg, Urocran, and Articap are supported by clinical evidence for their benefits. Explore how these 3 clinically tested products can help you:

Improve Blood Circulation with Herbalmeds Grape Seed Extract 168mg
  • Herbalmeds Grape Seed Extract 168mg contains proanthocyanidins which have been scientifically proven to improve blood circulation.
  • Made from premium quality grape seed extract, vitis vinifera from Italy, this product has high content of small size oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) which enhance absorption by the body.
  • Grape seed extract is a potent source of antioxidants​ that helps to protect against oxidative damage to blood capillaries​1 and strengthen the blood capillary wall.2
  • Besides that, the active ingredient proanthocyanidins promote healthy blood circulation to deliver adequate oxygen and nutrients to our skin cells which helps to maintain skin integrity.3

Improve Urinary Health with Herbalmeds Urocran
  • Herbalmeds Urocran contains all-natural PACRAN® cranberries that support urinary health.
  • PACRAN® is a patented ingredient from France with whole cranberry extract, made exclusively with North American Vaccinium macrocarpon cranberries. PACRAN® demonstrates a long-lasting anti-adhesion activity of infectious bacteria to the inner lining of the lower urinary tract, thus naturally improving urinary health.4


Support Digestive Health with Herbalmeds Articap
  • Herbalmeds Articap contains a high strength of artichoke leaf extract to support digestive health.
  • Artichoke, Cynara scolymusis rich in polyphenolic compound (particularly from leaf extract) and has been clinically tested to relieve digestive discomforts such as stomach-ache, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and flatulence. Artichoke leaf extract promotes bile acid production which improves digestion (especially fat)5 and relieves spasms that ease indigestion symptoms.6,7
  • In addition, Herbalmeds Articap may help to reduce cholesterol with the dual mode of action by depleting existing cholesterol in the body and reducing cholesterol production.8,9


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