Lessen the Spider Veins on Your Legs!

Lessen the Spider Veins on Your Legs! 

July 1, 2023

The spider veins are the enlarged blood vessels visible near the skin surface (more commonly on the legs and calves) and sometimes might appear swollen. These twisted veins are seen as long winding lines, like a snake or in the shape of a spider web, with the typical red, blue, or purple color. While females and older adults are more prone to get this, other factors such as heavyweight people, frequently wearing high heels, standing or sitting for long hours, or hormonal influences also put you at a higher risk.


Affecting Your Health and Confidence 

Scientifically known as “varicose vein,” this indicates poor blood circulation due to the weakened blood vessel wall or the faulty veins’ valves, resulting in the blood and fluids leaking to the cells and pooling at the lower limbs. The beginning stage is unlikely to cause noticeable discomfort. However, many start complaining of cramping pain, tiredness or heaviness in the legs, tingling or numbness, restlessness, or water retention (edema), when the condition continuously gets ignored and worsens. Besides, some may also experience persistent pain, numbness, blood clots in the affected veins, ulcers, or skin darkening. All these may lower your confidence and develops insecure feelings. 


Your Saviour – Grape Seed Extract 

Giving a powerful antioxidant benefit from its active ingredient (oligomeric proanthocyanidins, OPC), grape seed extract is widely used in the cosmetic and beauty industry for glowing skin. Another tip: this OPC could also be your savior for varicose veins! Grape seed extract strengthens the blood vessels’ outer collagen layer and increases the veins’ flexibility. Simply speaking, it promotes the healing of weakened veins, reducing the risk of leakage and overfilled blood and fluids. With this protective effect, the ugly distorted veins on your legs eventually lighten and improve.

This 150mg Grape Seed Extract from Italy provides a 4-high formulation: high quality, highly standardized OPC content (150mg), high absorption, and high strength (total grape seed extract of 168mg). Recommend taking a once-a-day convenient dose to improve blood circulation that causes varicose veins development and water retention issue. Besides, you can also get brighter and glowing skin with its antioxidant benefit