How to keep your eye sharp?

How to keep your eye sharp?

Mar 10, 2017


Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is not just a myth. Too much of screen time and not enough breaks can lead to problems such as eye fatigue, headaches, itching of eyes and shoulder pain.

You might know about the complication brought by CVS, however when screen time comes to you as a daily routine and you have no choice but to continue on it. Don’t be afraid.

There are some tips which you can practice to reduce the symptoms of CVS.

  • Get to know 20/20/20 rule – If you work on a computer at your desk, take a break every 20 minutes and look somewhere 20 feet away for 20 seconds to allow your eyes a chance to refocus.
  • Remember to blink your eyes – To minimize your chances of developing dry eye when using a computer, try to blink frequently in order to keep your eyes moist.
  • Adjust sitting posture – Monitor is at comfortable reading distance and its top should be aligned with your eyes so that your neck is in a neutral and relaxed position. Chairs should be comfortably padded and conform to the body.

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