How To Choose A Good Quality and Safe Cough Syrup For The Family?

How To Choose A Good Quality Cough Syrup For The Family 

October 5, 2023

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an urgent call to action for preventing, detecting, and responding to incidents involving substandard and falsified medical products. This includes THREE global medical alerts concerning over-the-counter cough syrup. This has caused significant concern among the public, especially parents, due to incidents involving pediatric fatalities, primarily affecting young children under 5 years old. 


Parents’ Concern: What is Safe to Take for Cough Syrup? 

Numerous options of cough syrups have left parents feeling confused and undecided when it comes to selecting a suitable and safe product for their families, particularly those with younger children. This vulnerable group requires extra caution and care regarding the ingredients and dosage. Consequently, many parents are now considering cough syrups made with natural ingredients (e.g., plant-based, herbal) that are gentler and safer to consume. Dried Ivy Leaf Extract is one of the safe ingredient choices, demonstrating promising effectiveness in various clinical trials. 

Ivy Leaf (Hedera helix) Extract – The Safe Guardian for Your Family

This plant is an evergreen climber with a long history of medical usage for cough relief, primarily in cases of excessive mucus or phlegm. The active compounds, known as saponins (specifically Hederacoside C), provide therapeutic effects for the early stages of productive cough and respiratory discomforts (such as irritation and inflammation).

EUGICA IVY SYRUP is a unique and tasty formulation containing ivy leaf extracts (38.47mg per every 5ml), a higher concentration with a safe and convenient dosage, helping to treat the root cause of cough. With its tasty honey flavour that increases the acceptance level among children, the fastacting Eugica Ivy Syrup can be safely taken starting at the age of 2 and even the elderly. It helps at the early stage of productive cough – relieving cough condition, throat irritation and reducing phlegm (by encouraging the removal of the overly produced thick mucus). With no added sugar, alcohol and artificial colour; plus, certified Halal, this family-friendly cough syrup is best to be kept at home as a safeguard against cough and respiratory inflammation conditions. 


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