Garlic Extract – Nature antibiotic

Garlic Extract – Nature antibiotic

Jun 3, 2016


When garlic is crushed or somehow injured, the enzyme allinase acts on the chemical alliin in raw garlic and converts it into allicin. Allicin contains a special type of bond, giving allicin its remarkable antibiotic properties.

 Allicin contains a sulfur-sulfur bond coupled to an oxygen atom. This highly-reactive configuration gives allicin its remarkable antibiotic properties. It assists the immune system in a number of important ways, including stimulation of cells’ activity, elimination of foreign bodies and detoxification of cancerous substances. Allicin is able to penetrate the harmful micro-organisms cell walls and upset their important roles for survival, thereby impeding their activity.

 Allicin has immuno-modulatoryanti-viralanti-bacterialanti-parasitic as well as anti-fungal properties. These properties provide relief to cough and colds, sore throat and are also beneficial in diarrhoea and food poisoning.