Easy Immune-boosting Tips for Children & Elderly

Easy Immune-boosting Tips for Children & Elderly

Nov 07, 2022


Our immune system is a complex network with a combination of cells, tissues, organs, and systems to defend against invasion from bacteria and viruses. However, when comparing the strength of the immune system between adults with children and the elderly, children do not have a well-developed immune system like adults. In contrast, the elderly has a degraded immune system due to aging. Therefore, what can we do to protect children and the elderly from the endless array of germs and viruses they encounter?

Here are some non-diet key actions to strengthen the immunity of children and the elderly:

  1. Promote regular handwashing

    Keeping germs away does not boost their immune system directly, but it is a great way to prevent getting sick and spreading infections to others1. Therefore, promote regular hand washing, especially before and after playtime, eating food, using the bathroom, etc.
  2. Don’t skip immunizations at any cost

    Keeping children and elderly up to date with recommended vaccination. These can help them build up immunity and be ready to fight against infection.
  3. Make sleep a priority

    Sufficient sleep is crucial for us to keep ourselves in tip-top health status. Notable facts that sleep duration is different across age stages2.

    • Ages 3-5: 10-13 hours
    • Ages 6-13: 9-11 hours
    • Ages 14-17: 8-10 hours
    • Ages 18-64: 7-9 hours
    • Ages 65+: 7-8 hours
  4. Staying active (indoor & outdoor)

    Leisure physical activity not only improves individual physical health but also creates family bonding if you exercise together. Besides, studies have proven that regular physical activities could improve immunity in children and the elderly3.

Besides that, practicing these key actions and take BiO-LiFE ImunCol+ Probiotix Gold could further strengthen the immune system.

BiO-LiFE ImunCol+ Probiotix Gold is a dual action formula with both colostrum and probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12. Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals (e.g., cows) during the first few days after giving birth4. It is highly nutritious with natural antibodies, thus providing immunological protection. According to a study, adults who took colostrum supplementation for 8 weeks had a shorter duration of flu as compared to those not taking it5. In addition, colostrum is clinically proven to be at least 3 times more effective in preventing flu as compared to vaccination5.

Figure 1: Colostrum supplementation for 8 weeks significantly reduced (p<0.05) the number of flu days5

Figure 2: Colostrum supplementation for 8 weeks significantly reduced (p<0.05) the number of flu days5

At the same time, supplementation of probiotics such as Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 is beneficial in maintaining a healthy balance gut microflora. About 70% of our immune cells are in the gut, which serves as the first-line defence system. Therefore, sufficient good bacteria in the gut will further promote optimal immune health.

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