Vitamin D Deficiency Symptom Checker​

Answer these questions to see how your status stacks up.
*The results of the symptom checker are not for ideal diagnostic purpose and are not meant to substitute for a professional diagnosis by a physician.



Question 1 of 14



Question 2 of 14


Which of the following best describe you?

Question 3 of 14


Do you apply sunscreen or sunblock when you are outdoor?

Question 4 of 14


Which of the following describes your diet intake?

Question 5 of 14


Frequent fatigue
(you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep but still feel fatigue throughout the day)

Question 6 of 14


Muscle pain and weakness
(muscle pain without specific cause such as injury or workout)

Question 7 of 14


Frequent infections
(catching cold and flu frequently)

Question 8 of 14


Receding gum
(The gum tissue surrounding the tooth wears away, exposing the tooth’s root)

Question 9 of 14


Frequent fractures of bones

Question 10 of 14


Frequent body aches and pain without an obvious cause

Question 11 of 14


Having decreased grip strength

Question 12 of 14


Having brittle and weak nails

Question 13 of 14


Do you have Thyroid disorder (hyper or hypothyroid)?

Question 14 of 14


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    Benefits of Vitamin D

    Increase absorption of calcium and phosphate in body

    For stronger bones and teeth development

    Help to build muscle strength

    Support health system

    Did You Know?​

    Despite staying in tropical country receiving an average of 8 hours of intense sunlight daily, Malaysians still have high prevalence of Vitamin D insufficiency

    8 out of 10 healthy Malaysian adolescents are not taking sufficient Vitamin D2

    74% of Malay, 68% of Indians and 38% of Chinese women aged 18-40 years old in Kuala Lumpur were reported to have vitamin D insufficiency1

    71.3% of Malay and 12.2% of Chinese postmenopausal women aged 50-65 years have vitamin D insufficiency3


    1. Al-Sadat N. Majid HA, Sim PY et al. 2016. Vitamin D deficiency in Malaysian adolescents aged 13 years: findings from the Malaysia Health and Adolescents Longitudinal Research Team study (My HeARTs). BMJ Open.

    2. Rahman SA, Chee WS, Yassin Z et al. 2004. Vitamin D status among postmenopausal Malaysian women. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 13: 255-60.

    3. Recommended Nutrient Intakes Malaysia 2017.