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Answer these questions to see how your status stacks up.
*The results of the symptom checker are not for ideal diagnostic purpose and are not meant to substitute for a professional diagnosis by a physician.


Do you have abnormal vaginal discharge (thick, yellowish, off smelling)?

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Do you suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections?

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Do you often experience itchiness or painful sensation in the pubic area?

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Do you often bother by vaginal odor?

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Do you frequently use feminine wash?

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Are you currently undergoing any form of birth control/contraception?

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Women's Health

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    Did You Know?​

    25% of women are affected!

    1 in 4 women globally are affected by urogenital infections every year.1,2

    Huge number of people are affected by anemia

    An estimated 2 billion people are anaemic worldwide, of which more than 1 billion live with iron deficiency anaemia.3,4

    The reason women are easily affected

    Women are more prone to gastrointestinal tract problems comparing to men due to hormonal changes caused by menstruation. 5


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    5. Cain KC, Jarrett ME, Burr RL, Rosen S, Hertig VL, Heitkemper MM. Gender differences in gastrointestinal, psychological, and somatic symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome. Dig Dis Sci. 2009;54(7):1542-1549.