Immune Health Symptom Checker

Answer these questions to see how your status stacks up.

*The results of the symptom checker are not for ideal diagnostic purpose and are not meant to substitute for a professional diagnosis by a physician.


In the past ONE year, how frequently did you suffered from the below listed bacterial/ viral infections? (Choose more than 1 if applicable)

Question 1 of 8


Do you have running nose frequently especially in the morning?

Question 2 of 8


Which of the following best describe your dietary habit?

Question 3 of 8


Do you have below lifestyle ? (Choose more than 1 if applicable)

Question 4 of 8


Do you exercise regularly

Question 5 of 8


Do you feel frequent fatigue ? (After 7-8 hours of sleep but still feel fatigue throughout the day)

Question 6 of 8


Do you have bleeding gums episode?

Question 7 of 8


How fast does your wound heal?

Question 8 of 8


Immune Health

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    Did You Know?​

    It is more than just digesting food

    70% of your immune system is located inside your gut, which means bacteria inside your gut play an important role in your immune system.

    Always stay happy

    Laughter helps your body to produce good molecules that help to reduce stress and improve the immune system.

    A good night sleep is important

    Lack of sleep may weaken your immune system. It is important to get enough rest, especially when you are sick.


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