Iron Deficiency Test Symptom Checker

Answer these questions to see how your status stacks up.
*The results of the symptom checker are not for ideal diagnostic purpose and are not meant to substitute for a professional diagnosis by a physician.


Do you have pale skin?

Question 1 of 10


Do you have hair loss issue?

Question 2 of 10


Do you have brittle nails?

Question 3 of 10


Are you unable to walk fast?

Question 4 of 10


Do you get tired easily during housework?

Question 5 of 10


Are you always having headache, dizziness or light-headedness?

Question 6 of 10


Are you unable to concentrate and feel fatigued easily?

Question 7 of 10


Are you always craving for ice/pica?

Question 8 of 10


Do you experience heavy menstruation or blood in stools?

Question 9 of 10


Have you ever been diagnosed with low blood count or low hemoglobin levels?

Question 10 of 10


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    What is Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA)

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