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Are you overweight/obese?

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Do you have a family history of fatty liver disease?

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Do you have issues with cholesterol?  (e.g. elevated triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, reduced HDL cholesterol)

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Do you have diabetes?

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How frequently do you consume fast food or high-fat food? e.g. nasi lemak, fried rice, fried chicken, etc.)?

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How often do you consume alcoholic beverages?

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Are you on long term medication?

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Are you a cigarette or e-cigarette smoker?

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Do you have yellowish eyes with dark and puffy eyebags?

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Are you tired and fatigued?

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Do you often experience indigestion or bloating?

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Liver Health

Milk Thistle



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    Stages of Liver Damage

    Did You Know?​

    1 in 6 of Malaysians living with Fatty Liver Disease.1 Liver damage can be silent and deadly. People with liver disease can live years with no symptoms, only finding out they have significant liver damage years later through a routine medical exam. Take care of your liver now before it is too late.


    1.Amarapurkar, D. N., Hashimoto, E., Lesmana, L. A., Soilano, J. D., Chen, P. J., & Goh., K. L. (2007). How common is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the Asia-Pacific region and are there local differences? Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, 22(6), 788-793.

    Important Nutrients for Healthy Liver

    Milk Thistle

    Is an herbal remedy derived from the milk thistle plant, also known as Silybum marianum.


    Dandelion root is used as a gastrointestinal remedy supporting digestion and liver function.

    Essential Phospholipids (EPL)

    Phospholipids are the building blocks for liver cells and other body cell to support it structure and act as barrier.

    Taking EP is important because liver cells are made up of 85% PC.

    Vitamin B Complex

    Helps improve the nutritional deficiencies that often develop when you have liver disease.

    Vitamin E