The Remedy for Alertness and Vitality

The Remedy for Alertness and Vitality

May 26, 2022


Is unexplained fatigue or tiredness your regular feeling? And this can’t resolve even after a long night’s sleep. Although it is common in nowadays life, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to tackle it.

Understanding Fatigue

You feel weak most of the time – lacking energy and motivation in responding to physical activity, emotional stress, boredom, or insufficient sleep1. For working adults, you may struggle to stay alert and keep up your performance throughout the day. For the elderly, you may be napping more during the day or having poor concentration and memory. Long-term tiredness negatively impacts many areas in life; however, many treatments commonly resolve the symptoms rather than providing a promising improvement in reducing fatigue.

Panax ginseng

This herb is well known for its medicinal benefits, beginning in Asia and now spreading worldwide. Numerous researches have revealed its various important bioactive components (such as ginsenosides) and exert multiple pharmacological effects, for example, reinforcing vital energy. Panax ginseng is called the adaptogen, or the actoprotector – helping your body respond better to stress and fatigue, and strengthen overall wellbeing.

Panax ginseng and its Anti-fatigue Function

Regular use of Panax ginseng is clinically tested for energy and vitality enhancement through:

  • Antioxidant properties – protect your cells from free radical damage which is causing the tiredness and many underlying health conditions
  • Regulate carbohydrate metabolism – enhance nutrients delivery to support cells activity
  • Enhance mitochondrial function – increase energy production to meet the high energy requirement
  • Neuroprotection – allows your body to adapt much better to busy and high-stress daily life
What’s More?

Now, you can also get Panax ginseng extract fortified with vitamins and minerals. This combined formulation restores energy and vitality and gives you a complete range of nutrients as add-on support to your daily needs. Habitual consumption prepares your body to cope better with high-stress life, reduces unidentified tiredness, reinforces vital energy, and eventually improves your overall quality of life. Furthermore, a stronger body is also associated with better immunity performance and a lesser risk of falling sick. This is it! Energise and nourish yourself with this convenient supplement of Panax ginseng extract fortified with multivitamins and minerals.

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