Quality Mission

MEGA BiO-LiFE is committed to provide safe and efficacious products to its customers at all times.

To achieve our mission, we have set forth the following quality policies


Team of 5000 Highly Qualified Personnel

Our 5000 strong team members are highly qualified personnel in their own area of expertise, with members in all areas of business in each country providing the best of local knowledge with international experience. The teams are lead by coaches and players, whose goal is to help the people in those countries to enjoy and promote human wellness.

Our people are the human wellness guides and constantly strive to offer the best in medical science to the world.


Commitment to Research & Development

A crucial part of MEGA BiO-LiFE’s success is our commitment to Research and Development in the Sphere of Nutritional & Pharmaceutical science. The department is strongly focused on offering unique products and dosage forms which improve the efficacy of our medicines. The department is staffed by Doctorates and Masters in Pharmacy with a extensive background in formulation development. Our 400 pharmacists and PhDs working full time to provide clinically proven effective products made at pharmaceutical standard with our own facilities in Australia and Thailand. Some of the technologies developed at our laboratories include Clearcap which increases bio-availability of drugs which leading to faster results. MSCC ACTISOME COMPLEX that increases availability of plant Extracts. EMULCAP which helps is absorbtion of medicines.


Quality Philosophy

The focus on Quality is key partof MEGA BiO-LiFE DNA. Fromsourcing raw material to developing formulas the unwavering pursuit of quality is what sets us apart



Quality Assurance

MEGA BiO-LiFE products are produced under strict Pharmaceutial Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Mega Lifesciences has 160 professionals in our Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams to ensure our products comply with the highest quality standards.

GMP is concerned with both production and quality control. It ensures that pharmaceuticals are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the product specification. Mega BiO-LiFE ensures that Quality is controlled in manufacturing facilities that conform to internationally recognised GMP systems in Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and Malaysia.


Quality Policies that you do not always see

We continuously shape our Quality Policies to stay up-to-date with all international standards. The commitment to quality, experience and strong processes of our scientific staff are the source of our success.  Our tagline proudly proclaims “We Care for Human Wellness”. We develop quality policies to derive the best of nature without exploiting it and give back to the community to sustain good health.



Quality Sourcing

The importance of natural healthcareis ensuring the quality of the raw material active ingredients as well as the pharmaceutical level manufacturing. MEGA BiO-LiFE actively practices sourcing of raw materials, which have sound scientific and clinical evidence, conducted by reputable universities, professors and researchers. This policy has ensured that today the MEGA BiO-LiFE brand maintains a large number of products supportedby clinical studies and patented ingredients which have world-wide reputations.


Quality in Formulation and Product Development

It is our policy not to add natural or artificial sweeteners, preservatives, synthetic flavours and other additives in our formulations wherever possible. We work very hard to ensure we do not compromise in our quest to achieve taste and texture. Providing natural products in a suitable delivery form and in a suitable packaging is an important task for our research technicians. All MEGA BiO-LiFE products are studied and proven in their ability to maintain quality throughout their shelf life. We dose our products to ensure the active ingredients are released at the right time and at the right place in our body, to develop their beneficial actions. It is our policy to dose our products appropriately according to clinically studied efficacious strengths. Against common beliefs, not all products works better in higher doses.

Our laboratories are equipped with sophisticated instruments such as HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography), AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer) and GC (Gas Chromatography).


Safety in GMP & PIC/S Manufacturing Policy

MEGA BiO-LiFE only selects contract manufacturers who maintain Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) and PIC/s GMP Certification. The Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (jointly referred to as PIC/S) are two international instruments between countries and pharmaceutical Inspection authories, which provide together an act ive and constructive co-operation in the fieldof GMP. There are a total of 49participating countries and authorities in the PIC/S scheme. Amongst ASEAN  countries, only Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand are accepted as members of PIC/S. MEGA BiO-LiFE  contract manufacturer selection policyemphasizes GMP certification and country membership into PIC/S.

*Source: PIC/S website (www.picscheme.org)


Safety in Transportation and handling

Natural substances are easily destabilized by heat, humidity and poor handling. To deliver customer satisfaction, MEGA BiO-LiFE, ensures its product quality is maintained through the transportation, storageand handling of our goods.


Efficacy in Product shelf life

All of MEGA BiO-LiFE’s product range are assessed for stability throughout their shelf-life, in our in-house facilities. MEGA BiO-LiFE’s own in-house stability laboratory is staffed by a dedicated team of chemists, microbiologists and nutritionists.
By conducting stability studies in-house, we have the flexible means to conduct rigorous testing to establish the right protection system for our products. This is then built into all our quality specifications detailed to our manufacturing partners.


Efficacy in BiO-LiFE’s products recognised Internationally

MEGA BiO-LiFE has worked hard over 28 years to ensure consumers in Malaysia and now many other countries are enjoying quality, safe and efficacious vitamins and dietary supplements. Our products have been reviewed by many international
government Ministries of Health, who have rewarded our efforts by awarding us product registration status in their countries. The countries below have already approved MEGA BiO-LiFE’s quality products to be made available for sale to their populations.



A Commitment to Education and Awareness

At MEGA BiO-LiFE, we are committed to the education and awareness of leading a natural healthy lifestyle. Since 2003, our Customer Care Team have been focused on creating health awareness direct to consumers. This team’s mission is to provide nutritional counseling that lets consumerstake charge of their own health andwell-being.

We believe that natural healthcare and holistic therapies have a role alongside conventional medicine. That is why we regularly organize events to increase public awareness about common health issues and highlight the big difference that vitamins and dietary supplements can bring to our consumers lives.

The wide range of products that we have in MEGA BiO-LiFE, making them crucial for us to conduct educational training for our trade partners such as nutritionists, pharmacists, and sales assistants to enhance their knowledge on MEGA BiO-LiFE products. This is to ensure that they can make the right recommendation for their end users to meet the best satisfaction of health and well-being.

We also have established the Good Health By Yourself (GHBY) program as our initiative to create the awareness on taking care of own health at ourown hands for the internal and external community.


Supporting Thousands of our Consumers’ Personal Health and Lifestyle Goals

MEGA BiO-LiFE has met many consumers who require personal one-on-one support to achieve their natural health-related goals. Through our Customer Care Team, we help thousands of our loyal consumers every year by providing nutritional guidance in preparation for major events in lives such as weddings, pregnancy, and the birth of their children. We have also provided guidance for achieving lifestyle goals such as weight loss, body detox, body building and physical fitness, and joint health. We love spreading the message about natural and healthy lifestyles and we are always eager to help consumers achieve these with our clinically and scientifically proven natural products.