EPO for skin health – Recent scientific evidence support

Jun 6, 2016


A ground-breaking study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (by R. Muggli, August 2005) shows that the intake of 6 capsules of evening primrose oil (EPO) 500mg/day for 3 months can reverse the effects of skin ageing; providing a more youthful and healthier appearance in healthy people. A maintenance dose of 1000mg (2 capsules) per day may keep the skin glowing and healthy.


Another study published in 2007 demonstrated a similar positive result in irritated skin. After 84 days of treatment with EPO, there was significant improvement in skin moisture (13.9%), trans-epidermal water loss (10.2%), roughness (13.0%), firmness (19.2%), and fatigue resistance (22.2%). In other words, these improvements aid in healing of damaged skin and may reduce the impact of further irritation thereby maintaining skin health.


EPO was also proved to be an effective help for atopic dermatitis or eczema. A total of 179 eczema patients taking a dosage of 2000 mg of EPO twice daily showed improvement in their overall condition as early as 12 weeks into the treatment.

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