BiO-LiFE MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid New launch Blogger Review

Feb 20, 2019


MEGA – C Plus Bioflavonoid, 1000mg  vitamin C handy in sachet is formulated in ascorbate form enriched with bioflavonoids that helps to strengthen body health system and maintain general health. It will be your best choice when you are travelling or on the go. Below are blogger review on how BiO-LiFE MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid  has changes their health & travelling lifestyle. 
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Shin May
Travel & Lifestyle blogger who likes to travel and Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid is her new travel essential kit and after 14 days consuming, her flu condition is getting better
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Farah Dafri
Malaysia’s influencer and blogger on lifestyle, beauty who finds Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid convenient  as is once a day sachet dose
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Health& lifestyle blogger and chosen blogger of the Year in 2014 by Utusan Malaysia finds that Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid Vitamin C handy in sachet is convenient to bring while travelling
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Jia Shin Lee
Lifestyle blogger and working mum of 2 daughters who has busy on the go lifestyle will take Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid sachet & consume it while on the go, it helps her to boost her immune system as well
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