Exciting Indoor Activities For This School Holiday

Mar 4, 2020


Life is demanding and tend to make us only giving our children the leftover time. You definitely wouldn’t want the time you have with your little loved ones passes by with a glimpse of an eye. School holiday is coming, still cracking head planning for your children? Here is the list of ideas to help you out, pick some!

Ideas for School Holiday Activities

*Based on the situation of current contagious virus outbreak, all these suggestions can be carried out indoor

  • Terrarium making
  • Baking day
  • Make simple snacks or desserts
  • Watch musical theatre
  • Complete some fun home science experiments
  • Do-It-Yourself craftwork
  • Movie night
  • Reading day
  • Decorate kid’s room
  • Play board games
  • Creative painting
  • Make recycled paper
  • Learn a new skill or language together
  • Complete a puzzle together
  • Family singing contest
  • Play “mission and reward” day
  • Family mini fashion show


Perhaps, you can also ask your children to make a list of favourite activities they wish to do during this school holiday. Also, remember to give your children BiO-LiFE Kids Range Vitamins as a healthy snack or reward:

Spending quality time together creates lovely memories and strengthen family bonds. Utilise every moment together can change a dozen things. Have fun with your family!

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