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Multivitamins for men's health

The Star, 20 September 2016

WHY do we need to take multivitamins supplement? Aren't we getting enough nutrients from daily food intake?Well, it may be true that people get sufficient amounts of nutrients when they follow a healthy diet along the Malaysian Food Pyramid, which includes plenty of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. However, based on the study conducted by Yen et aL (2015), it clearly stated that Malaysians fail to achieve the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables daily1.Compared to women, men have even lower intake of fruits and vegetables, making them more susceptible to illness.

Vitamins and minerals are considered as essential nutrients because they perform hundreds of crucial roles in the body.Prolonged deficiency of these nutrients can cause substantial harm to the body, which puts one at risk of medical complications. For instance, inadequate intake of vitamin A results in impaired vision; vitamin C deficiency leads to weaker immunity; vitamin D deficiency causes unhealthy bone development.

Fruits and vegetables are recognised as good sources of nutrients, but vitamins are generally vulnerable to heat, light and chemical. Because of that, their final nutritional values are greatly influenced by food preparation, processing and storage condition. In other words, washing and cooking can reduce their nutrients content. Supplementation with multivitamins is a good way to help complement a diet for those who seldom meet the recommendations of daily nutrient intake.

Most multivitamins supplements usually come in the form of a tablet or pill that is much bigger in size. This may cause worry among a majority of people who might be fearful of taking them, especially the elderly or those having swallowing difficulties. Choose specifically formulated tiny-sized men's multivitamins tablets that contain essential vitamins and minerals, to support general well-being and prevent choking or gagging.

Men's multivitamins tablet contain nutrient such as vitamin A and C that help to bolster immune function; vitamin B regulates energy-yielding metabolism; vitamin D enhances calcium absorption and vitamin E aids in red blood cell formation. Additionally, the high contents of zinc and chromium are important in increasing muscle strength and endurance, enhancing muscle accretion as well as promoting fat loss, which would be beneficial for gym lovers. A daily multivitamin is a great nutrition insurance policy, particularly for those who have nutritional gaps in their diet.

It's perfect for an active hectic lifestyle, when you need an energy booster to sustain your daily lives. Start with a multivitamins supplement to achieve good health and yourt fitness goals.

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1Yen ST, Tan AKG and Feisul MI.2015. Consumption of fruits and vegetables in Malaysia: Profiling the daily and non-daily consumers. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 27(2): 2635-2650.

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